Why Illustrators, Designers, Artists Create Art Work Anyway?


I AM MR. MAIJIN. Before you proceed, be forewarned… the inscriptions marked in this chamber is meant only for those who seek the sacred knowledge of a trained designer, illustrator, Graphic Artist, Concept Artist, NFT Artist, and Coder for hire. Knowledge that has led even the most timid of souls into realms of success and results after they’ve summoned me to grant their creative wishes. 

Why Illustrators, Designers, Artists Create Art Work Anyway?

Why illustrators, designers, artists create art work is not a simple answer. It’s no coincidence that most people who speak of their dream ‘9 to 6’ job, the answers are typically tethered around some variation of the arts. Just take a moment and think about how many people have revealed their desire to become graphic illustrators, designers, concept artists, musicians, painters, models, dancers, writers, or even athletes on a professional level. Lost count yet? ALL those endeavors exemplify a chance to professionally stretch the creative legs of the human spirit and express our individuality. It is our purpose; a purpose we often complicate by our disbelief in our own POWER of influence. We are on this earth to collectively inspire the human spirit and we normally deliver that influence through creation, whether it’s through interaction or a result of our own creative expression.

Simple observation would tell us that our reasons for creation may be anchored in emotional rehabilitation, thoughts of grandeur, or simply a love for aesthetic and appealing visuals. But, I’d argue that a more cogent and powerful perspective would be our spiritual need to touch people’s lives by sharing our gifts. The idea that you can impact and inspire your audience(s) with work that is true to your soul… is an indescribable emotion. A feeling which can only inspire you to create MORE because you have renewed resolve that you can affect people. We create to share. We try to convey a piece of ourselves, a scent of our consciousness, and a seed of our ideas to the world in hopes that will give growth and inspiration to not only value ourselves but appreciate the value in others.
So thank you to everyone who continues to inspire me with your thoughts and positive feedback, and I will continue to share as i hope you will also, so we can keep sending out positive vibes to everyone.


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