By May 4, 2015 September 30th, 2016 Concept Art, Drawing, Graphic Art, Illustration, Maijin Artwork

 Illustration of an (augmented human) ex-military outlaw making his last stand after destroying some evil robots in a sea of fire. Before releasing new work I stare at it for DAYS after its done to try to find mistakes, sometimes i find structural/compositional issues i obviously cant change. But for this one, i thought the original version was TOO dark in some areas… i didnt use any references for this, it was all from my mind, so you have to strive for perfection with details. so without going george lucas (starwars) with the changes, i made some lighting adjustments to the rim, bounce, background and fill light and took some of the harshness off the occlusion shadows.

on to the next artwork…


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