Top Graphic Designer For Hire Hi, I am a top graphic designer for hire, a professional illustrator, experienced concept artist, and my name is Drew ‘Maijin’ Lewis. I offer multidisciplinary graphic design services including, but not limited to, logo designs, user interface (U.I.), character logos, vector graphics, brand identity, marketing materials, brochures, business cards, posters, infographics, t-shirt design, and much more. Get in touch with me at my contact form to talk about your project. Learn more about my other professional skills that I am also hired for. IllustratorConcept ArtistGraphic ArtistArchitectural ArtistCartoonistStoryboarding ArtistCharacter Designer  

Work For Hire Questions.

Quite often I am asked by prospects or new clients a set of questions when they contact me for art projects, so I put together some of those inquiries below to share with you the how, the why, and where to hiring a graphic designer to help everyone make good decisions before investing in a creative partnership. Why Hire a Freelance Graphic Designer? Need a Graphic Design Freelancer? Good, but are they hireable? Where to search online for hiring a Graphic Design Professional? Top 25 Graphic Designer Jobs That my clients have hired or outsourced me for over the years. 1. Web Designer 2. Logo Designer 3. Motion Graphics 4. Branding | Identity Designers 5. User Interface (UI) Designer 6. User Experience (UX) Designer 7. Conceptual Designer 8. Interior Designer 9. Architectural Designer 10. T-Shirt Designer 11. Environmental Designer 12. Flash Designer 13. Mobile Designer 14. Industrial Designer 15. Fashion Designer 16. Production Designer 17. Package Designer 18. Print Layout Designer 19. Instructional Designer 20. Editorial Designer 21. Advertising Designer 22. Toy Designer 23. Transportation Designer 24. Presentation Designer (Pitch-Deck and PowerPoint) 25. Product Designer Read more about my available creative skills in the artist and designer services area.