Have You Seen The Book Of Eli?


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Have You Seen The Book Of Eli?

Studying many film books as of late–one book in particular continually praised the skillful execution of the film, ‘THE BOOK OF ELI’ (Denzel Washington). At first I couldn’t grasp the reasons behind all the favorable appraisal and critical interest, because as I recalled from my viewing of it a few years back, my impressions of the movie were of disappointment and boredom. Mainly due to the deceptive marketing campaign which seemed to promise a high-octane gritty action film akin to a ‘I Am Legend’ or ‘Road Warrior’ leading up to its release date. But given that I held the author in high regard for his expertise and knowledge of cinema, I felt the film deserved a second viewing to examine if there was something I missed the first time…

…and Oh Boy! I missed A LOT!

From the edgy editing cuts, quiet but powerful soundtrack, stylish cinematography, and narrative caveats. I have to say…IT’S MY NEW FAVORITE FILM! Also, it was quickly evident that my own personal disappointment of not getting the movie i expected the first time, clouded my thinking and receptiveness to the subtle elegance of this film’s execution. I mean the revelation of Eli’s handicap revealed at the end blew my mind so profoundly that a shock-wave of images and scenes rushed inside my mind and collided into a perfect understanding behind the cinematography choices, gestures, and character building moments I overlooked before. This made me smile from ear to ear–not out of laughter, but as an acknowledgment of a whole new level of respect for the filmmakers execution and Denzel’s BRILLIANT performance.

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