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"Great Art is Great for Business" has always been my principle for every client.

For many years, I’ve pushed myself to provide my clients with the highest quality of service, communication, and attention whether they are small start-up businesses, medium-sized companies, or large corporations. It has been such an honor to work with all of them over the years. My business would never be the success that it is today without them! But don’t just take my word for it, check out what some of my past clients have to say below…

“We loved working with Drew! He is an outstanding illustrator, a reliable collaborator, and overall a delightful person to work with from start to finish. We approached Drew to assist us in preparing for an event to showcase our plans for future brands and ventures, and his interior architectural renderings helped us to communicate our goals in the most elegant and effective manner. I was impressed with how versatile and creative Drew’s work turned out for us given such a tight deadline, and how well he integrated within our in-house team to make it all happen. In working with us, Drew put in a tremendous effort to ensure we were involved in every stage of development, and showed a genuine interest in helping us create the best artwork possible! It would be wonderful to work with Drew again in the future!”


Kathleen Flores, MBA, Executive Vice President of New Brands and Innovation | TRUMP HOTELS (New York, NY)
Project: Architectural Renderings | Interior Design Drawings | Watercolor Paintings

Drew was hired to create illustrations to conceptualize an upcoming, difficult to explain, change in the healthcare field. He really listened effectively to what we were seeking, brought forward beautiful design ideas for our consideration, and did it all in a timely manner and with excellent communication skills.
Drew went above and beyond to create first drafts in a short amount of time to allow us to present at our board meeting. His communication was always prompt and positive. We definitely will keep Drew in mind for future illustration projects.

– Matthew Kremke, MBA, Vice President Of Business Development
American Osteopathic Association (Chicago, Illinois)
Project: Illustration | Graphic Design

“We discovered Drew’s design and brand work after searching for talent online, and following our first contact with him, it was clear he was the designer and illustrator we wanted to partner with to help us bring more creative life to our national campaign for Corona and Cerveza Modelo. We really liked working with Drew, he offered excellent work and productive communication during our meetings. We were so happy with his design work that we featured and interviewed him for one of our articles in Trendhunter Magazine and recommended him to our partners.”

Taylor Keefe, Vice President of Revenue & Business Development | Trendhunter (Ontario, Canada / Toronto, Canada)
Project: Photo-Realistic Illustration

Meet Mayson Minor, a wonderful client who was so happy with the value and results I offered to his project, he produced his own video testimonial as a gift to share his experience with the world! Check out his powerful video review below and Read the rest of his story next!

“I found Drew on a Google search and I’m so glad I did! He is very skilled in illustration, character concept art, and design theory and I can’t be more excited to have found him. When I first spoke with Drew, it was apparent he was professional and really cared about creating real value and results for my project. He asked great questions, shared his expert knowledge, and gave meaningful suggestions for my design throughout the process. Drew’s process was seamless and organized in a way that helped us avoid major challenges in the project and made it very easy to work with him. We are absolutely satisfied with our finished product and we will definitely be choosing Drew and his team for our future projects.”

Mayson Minor, Owner / Director of Photography
Glory Media Productions (Dallas, Texas)
Project: Concept Art | Character Design | Illustration

“Drew is an absolute pleasure to work with ­­­­- a true talent and professional. We can’t express how pleased we are with the level of professionalism and results he delivered to us. Our client project was for the presidential campaign of the current President of Nigeria, President ‘Goodluck’ Jonathan – we first discovered Drew after months of an extensive online search for an illustrator after trying to work with a few artists before who were never able to meet our criteria and taste. But once we started working with Drew it became obvious that he was the partner we had been looking for, because he was able create a beautiful illustration for us and completed our design brief within hours when we were expecting it in weeks! Recognizing Drew’s talent and his dedication to our success and end goals, we immediately offered him a series of more projects for our client’s campaign and he achieved exactly what we were looking for. We are extremely satisfied with the results and how quickly he completed our projects. I would recommend Drew to anyone I know who is looking for art that’s done well and done right! Thanks Drew!

– Loni Burke, Director of Business Development | Frontgate Global Concepts Ltd. (Atlanta, Georgia)
Project: Illustration | Portraits | Product Design for Nigerian Presidential Campaign of President ‘Goodluck’ Jonathan

“We needed an illustrator for one of our client projects and Drew’s portfolio looked excellent! After the great work he did for us, we presented his art concepts to our client and they were very well-received and we got the approval! Drew is very professional and easy to work with, but most importantly, he listens very well and doesn’t take changes/revisions personally! We will be working with Drew again on future projects that will require someone of his high skill level. Thanks Drew!”

– Bob Michel, CEO & Creative Director | PROForma Marketing Agency (Walnut Creek, CA)
Project: Illustration | Graphic Design

“I had a very tight deadline for an important board meeting that was closely approaching, and I wanted to visually demonstrate my ideas to gain backing for a new machine I was developing for tissue engineering. I contacted Drew upon reviewing his magnificent portfolio of artwork and I knew he could create the conceptual illustrations I needed to show the functionality of my machine. After working with Drew, I can tell you his creativity and professional manner is prime. He made himself available for me 24/7 so we can collaborate on the creation of the best art designs for my presentation.  I must add that Drew is one of the few people I’ve worked with who is so committed to his work and clients that he was willing to stay up all night and lose sleep to meet my deadline on time with quality…and we did! Drew is a great artist to collaborate with and I’m so delighted I found him. Ive already started recommending Drew to my colleagues so he can help them with their projects too!”

Dr. Marcelo De Oliveira Freire PH.D, D.D.S., Harvard University – Professor of Oral Medicine, Infection and Immunity (Boston, Massachusetts)
Project: Medical Illustration | Concept Art

Drew is a talented graphic artist and a pleasure to work. His creativity and artistic skills made it easy for us to translate complex healthcare concepts into simple and easy to follow illustrations.  Drew was very patient and accommodating with revisions throughout the entire process of development. When observing his portfolio, Drew clearly has great illustration skills, but what’s not in his portfolio is something we experienced first-hand – his extraordinary work ethic, a real dedication to the quality of his work, and a strong commitment to service.”

Cynthia Penkala, CMM, CMPE, CMSCS, CPOM, Director of Practice Management and Vendor Relations
American Osteopathic Association (Chicago, Illinois)
Project: Illustration | Graphic Design

Drew’s services came as a recommendation to me by a family friend who commissioned him to design characters for his animation project, and my friend mentioned to me how he was blown away by the remarkable art work and service Drew provided during their work together. Drew’s reputation and skill level inspired a lot of confidence that he could be perfect artist for the job when I was in need of graphic art for my new business, and the experience of working with Drew was a real pleasure, so it is not surprising he came so highly recommended. He was very receptive, patient, and attentive to my input regarding the look I desired and finished everything well before the deadline – the end result was a big success and something I’m very proud of. I would definitely recommend Drew to anyone who would require artwork, and I myself, will definitely be contacting him for his services in the future.”

Dr. Acacia Warren, CEO – ACACIA TREE LEARNING SERVICES (Los Angeles, California)
Project: Illustration | Graphic Design | Visual Identity

“Drew has made a lifetime customer out of me! He is an absolute Godsend. I hired him to illustrate the front cover of my sci-fi novel, and the final product went well beyond my expectations! I could not be happier with it! He is a delight to work with, and he’s always professional and very friendly. He has a passion for his work, and it directly translated into a flawless, stunning cover for my book. He put considerable time and effort into it, constantly sending me updates, and letting me know the project’s progress. If I had a concern, he did not hesitate to address it! He was always available, and he sometimes spent hours making edits to my cover, not stopping until he knew I was happy with it. Additionally, Drew did not hesitate to make suggestions for improvements if he saw the need for them, and his suggestions were always insightful and fit my desires for what the cover would look like! Drew was devoted to giving me an amazing final product and he did not disappoint! we have begun the discussion of illustrating my next cover, and I would not hesitate to refer people to him because you simply cannot find a better artist to work with than Drew!”

Alyse Steves, AuthorChild Of Humanity (Atlanta, Georgia)
Project: Book Cover Illustration | Graphic Design

“Drew is an incredibly talented artist! I am so thankful to have found Drew and I am extremely proud of the work of art that came from our partnership. Drew worked with me each step of the way to understand my vision for my Children’s Books, and provided creative input in order to make that vision a reality. Drew is truly passionate about his art, and to that end, worked with diligence, always striving for perfection in our final deliverables. Drew went above and beyond all expectations of the project by doing more sweeps of the art and additional work ‘off the clock’ to make certain the quality of the artwork created a strong visual interest for my readers, which made all the difference in the world. I initially chose Drew because he was able capture both the personality and form of the character for my children’s book series, ‘The Adventures of Big Sil.’  Drew’s combination of artistic talent, drawing/painting skills, and design savvy allowed me to be extremely flexible with my ideas, and for him to be very versatile in his methods to meet my vision with the work he created.  We worked through many challenges while creating the book series which is an overlay of illustration and photography. Drew always found solutions to make everything work, recreating or drawing new backgrounds to make each page work with the photography. It’s clear Drew really cares about the people he works with, as it showed through the energy he gave to our process, and the care he poured into the artwork he created for me. Even after our project was done, I still felt supported by him as he continued to check in with me to offer further creative assistance to help me build my business in other areas, and he went out of his way to kindly advise me on how best to setup my website and integrate the artwork. I would recommend Drew to any friend or colleague looking to bring their vision to life through art and illustration.”

A.J. Bennett, AuthorThe Adventures of Big Sil (Manhattan, New York)
Project: Children’s Book Illustration | Graphic Design | Print Layout Design

Kid’s Book Press Release

“I saw Drew’s work on the website of a high-end cabinet manufacturer and contacted him to work on architectural elevation renderings. He was professional and very organized in his policy and practices. He was extremely responsive during our collaboration and attentive during the planning, review, and revision process. The only challenge during our work together concerned the texture colors and the location placement of appliances/furniture in the interior space, but Drew worked additional time to make the changes and ensure I was happy with the end-product. I was astounded with his process of development of taking the mock sketches to the finished illustration! After he delivered the final product, I was very excited to add a piece of his artwork to my portfolio. It’s proven to be a valuable visual tool I’ve used to attract new clients for my business! If any of my friends or colleagues needed an illustrator or designer for their project I would absolutely recommend working with Drew!

– Laurie Wilkinson, Owner & Interior Designer
Bradford Design LLC (Maryland) & LGI (Connecticut)
Project: Architectural Rendering | Interior Design Illustration

Drew is a talented artist. And quite frankly, a great businessman. I’ve never worked with an artist that was so business inclined. He had all the contract work and release information ready within hours. I’ve have had lots of business end problems with artists in the past, but not with Drew, he was a consummate professional the whole way through and a brilliant artist! I was pleasantly surprised at how few revisions we had to do! I loved how beautifully he captured the action, style, and physical qualities I needed for my illustration. I’m definitely going to use Drew next time I need illustrations done!”

– Steve Wilburn, Owner | Windy City Images (Chicago, Illinois)
Project:  Illustration | Graphic Design

Drew came through for us when it mattered the most! He delivered absolutely outstanding work and valuable concept pieces that helped sell the vision I needed our investors to grasp.  Drew had an impressive portfolio of work, and I had no doubts he was the man for the job after browsing his past projects. The art delivered was beyond perfect in every detail. Drew clearly had experienced conceptual design projects like ours many times before, because he knew exactly how to explain it us and gave us exactly what we were looking for in the design work. I would recommend drew for any project that requires a flexible, exacting hand and eye, which is exactly what Drew has.”


Jaime Busby, CEO/Founder
Gotham Photochemical (Los Angeles, California)
Project: Concept Design | Illustration | Architectural Rendering

Drew helped us relay our vision to our clients in a way we couldn’t get anywhere else! The artwork was amazing and we had an excellent collaboration! We were designing a small cafe in New York City on a tight budget, and our clients were having trouble visualizing the interior design with the products we intended to purchase. We found Drew’s portfolio to display the level of talent and experience we needed, so we hired him to help us create an interior elevation rendering. He was professional, prompt with delivery, followed our instructions to a ‘T,’ and remained totally responsive to all our requests throughout the process. We loved the quality of the drawing he created for us and we will be utilizing his talents again for future projects! And if we hear of anyone we know who’s in need of a designer or illustrator, we will definitely be sending them Drew’s way!”

Susan Leonti | F+B THERAPY LLC (New York / Connecticut)
Project: Interior Rendering | Illustration | Graphic Design

Everyone loved the artwork Drew did for us! It’s awesome! We contacted Drew to design original characters for our fitness/nutrition brand, we were interested in developing dynamic characters who each represented a healthy lifestyle – He nailed it for us! We were very happy with how well Drew conducted his business with us, it has been a great experience working with him, and we plan to use Drew again in the future.”

Forrest Jackson, Owner – Action Nutrition (Miami, Florida)
Project: Character Design | Graphic Design

I am very satisfied with the experience of working with Drew! After finding Drew online, I found his initial responsiveness to be quite encouraging. Drew listens well. He prepares well. For my project, the deliverables for my concept were not crystal clear at the outset. So I sent Drew a 20+ page document outlining the background, purpose, and vision of my concept to read before our first conversation. He read it, took notes, and asked a lot of questions to familiarize himself with every aspect of my ideas. From start to finish, the art work was completed in under a week without the need for a face to face meeting. Even after the project was completed, I asked Drew if he can go through a few more minor tweaks and he cheerfully accommodated all my requests and even applied more finishing touches to make certain I was getting the best results! I always had some reservations about working long distance with designers for the first time, but I got such a great feeling from Drew I decided to take the plunge. Glad I did! I will definitely recommend Drew to my friends and colleagues, and I myself plan on returning to commission him for future projects.”


Ramesh Damani, Entrepreneur / Inventor (Mountain view, California)
Project: Mechanical Concept Design | Patent Technical Drawing

More Info: Patent Buddy

“I contacted Drew after seeing his very impressive artwork online. I’ve worked with other artists beforehand, none of them were able to deliver the design concepts that met my needs, but after speaking with Drew I found him to be very professional, pleasant, and determined to make me happy with the logo design – I was very confident that he could deliver what other designers were unable to, and I must say, I was right! After giving Drew some ideas for my concept, he was able to create something I never could’ve envisioned and I was very happy! I would recommend Drew for anyone’s project!”

Paul Burdi, CEO – New Edge (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
Project: Graphic Design | Vector Illustration

Drew’s professionalism and enthusiasm were top notch. He was extremely communicative, courteous, and friendly. I felt immediately upon talking with him that my project was going to be great! It was extremely reassuring to see him place such a high priority on communication and keeping me updated through every step of the process so I could watch the project take shape. I knew I would end up with a fantastic result! I started with a vague idea for a promotional illustration to represent our team and accompany our logo, and Drew presented several versions and styles of my original concept and I really liked all of them! In the end, Drew created a finished product that exceeded my expectations even more! The artwork he created for us is something that I am so thrilled to have for my team!”

Matthew Brandini, RBQ Barbecue (San Jose, California)
Project: Advertising Illustration

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“After looking through Drew’s portfolio, it was easy to choose him as the artist to complete my project. He has excellent communication, fast responses, and is very professional. Everything went smoothly in the process with no problems throughout the course of our collaboration. I’m very satisfied with the artwork he created and how he was able to incorporate all the details I wanted. I would definitely recommend Drew to friends and family. I will be returning to Drew for my next project! 🙂

– Juliannie Diaz Cerda, (Connecticut)
Project: Illustration | Graphic Design

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