Professional Utility Patent Drawing Service & Design Patents Illustration Services

I am a professional patent illustrator and pro graphic artist who delivers the BEST Utility Patent Drawing Service and Design Patents Illustration Services for Law Firms, Attorneys/Lawyers, Companies, Agencies, Patent Agents, Engineers, and Inventors of all types and sizes! My patent drawing company has illustrated high-quality utility patent drawings in industries ranging from military, residential and commercial security, automotive, fitness equipment, environmental machines, kitchen tools, home products and store appliances, medical science or biotechnology. Drafting 2D illustrations or 3D renderings are easy! Whether your ideas are simple or complex, I can draw any invention, apparatus, or mechanism at all angles! Technical drawings for trademarks and design patents seem pretty straight forward, we can still discuss the multitude of visual styles available to include in your patent application ranging from diagram plans, 2d sketch, 2d line drawing, 2d illustration, vector graphic, or CAD Drawing, or 3d model…and those are details we will discuss once we get started. So If you are prepared with a collage of photos, rough sketches, physical or 3D prototypes, or even just the images in your mind, that’s all you’ll need for me to get started and begin illustrating your project!

As an experienced drafter with many years of experience, you will find my custom patent drafting service to be very rewarding as we will work closely to convey your ideas through elegant patent illustrations that meet USPTO patent rules and PCT (The International Patent System) patent guidelines. I know how important it is to keep your concepts and inventions safe while you are going through the patenting and trademark process, so I already have non-disclosure agreements in place for us to maintain strict confidentiality while we work on your new invention.


Concept Development Sketch

After reviewing your concept brief and initial interview with the client, we will start our process of collaboration with concept development sketches. Each illustrated concept development design will represent a different visual interpretation and/or design language whilst keeping the essence of what the client originally communicated at the start of the project.


Before arriving at this stage of the project, i would have been working closely with the client to incorporate all revisions requested for the concept development sketches. So now that all ideas have been created and approved by the client, I will create a basic illustration and color comp which will be meant to show the client a more developed and colored version of the artwork before moving into finalization.


At final illustration phase, i will be finalizing all of the approved artwork at the highest quality while also preparing the work to be ready for print immediately upon delivery. Upon completion the client will have worked with me closely throughout the process, while being involved every step of the way to ensure they are 100% satisfied with the visual direction…and that my friends makes for GREAT BUSINESS! Hire me as an illustration design professional for your next project here.