Referral Program

How It Works

It’s simple. If anyone you know is interested in a illustration, architectural renderings, concept art, brand identity or strategy, print and graphic design services, ask them to mention your name when they contact us or fill in the form below to let us know who you will be referring. I’ll cut you a check for anywhere up to 10% depending on the project cost! It’s that easy. I look forward to hearing from you and pledge a sincere commitment to implement work that will respect the confidence you have placed in my services.
Sales and marketing can be a long and costly process, but word-of-mouth marketing is pre-qualified gold.
I love working hard and helping all of my existing clients achieve great success with their dreams and goals! I created my company to help everyone who is looking to create real results, quality, and value through my services. To expand my reach I will need your help me build a powerful network of relationships and community of clients who think we do good work and that care about our service over profits. Recommendations are one of the highest I can receive. Even if you are a complete stranger, I want to reward you for sending business our way as a thank you. Even if you aren’t quite ready to make the leap there is a high possibility that you know someone that is looking for any of my other services here, rest assured I deliver the work people can trust.
There are also many projects that might require you to outsource an artist or designer to provide services outside their core competencies. This might include illustrators, graphic designers, logo makers, architectural elevation rendering artists, web designers, concept artists, advertising illustrators, t shirt graphics artists, brand identity developers, brand strategy specialists. IMAIJIN referral program also allows firms to either partner directly with me on their project or refer a client to me. My program allows firms to offer services outside their core competencies, helping customers and adding revenue to their bottom line.
We understand the value of existing relationships, whether with current service providers or customers. Working with a great marketing communications team is as important as knowing a great doctor, real estate agent, barber or hairstylist. Either way, both you and your client win, because in the end, it is all about providing customers with the best possible service.
We’re proud to say that nearly 90% of our business has always been from referrals and repeat clients.
The IMAIJIN Creative Difference
  • We finish projects on time and on budget
  • Custom, complex and challenging projects are our specialty
  • Quick delivery on smaller projects
  • Formally educated and experienced graphic designer, illustrator, brand strategist, web developer and more
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Services We Provide
How to Find Referrals
New Business – Do you know of a new business, person or startup? If so, send them my way to help them with graphic design, illustration, architectural visualization, product design, packaging art, concept art, t shirt graphics, brand development, website development, advertising illustrations and overall visual brand awareness.
Frustrated Business Owners – If you hear or see a startup business who have no idea how to design or redesign their brand identity and logos, a firm or agency looking for clever and well designed advertising illustrations, an entrepreneur having problems creating or selling t-shirts for their clothing company, a real estate/architecture/business/interior designer who needs architectural elevation renderings or visualization/showroom drawings, needing concept art or character design for a game/animation/film, unaware of how to create successful visual branding campaigns, the functionality of their website or poor customer service from their creative agency, or just ANYONE complaining about bad graphic design, simply drop my name and contact info and suggest they give us a call or send an email.
Lack of Results – Brand strategy, illustration, graphic design, web design, or implementation that are simply not bringing in new leads, clients, customers, or sales are always a cause for concern. Are people not finding the site? Are they finding it, but leaving right away? If so, why? Do you know of someone that has a website that isn’t getting them new business because of appearance, copy or lack of contact information? If so, we can perform audits and pin point the exact issue and make recommendations. We help website owners improve their conversion rates.
Referral Program Terms & Conditions
  • There is NO limit on how many people you refer,
    • for example: send me (4) tier 6 clients a month for a year, youre making $84,000USD a year or even more than SIX FIGURES a year! send me more and you will make even more than that!
  • Only one reward will be awarded per project.
  • Referrals can live anywhere in the United States.
  • Only one reward will be awarded per project and only for client’s initial purchase.
  • You may not refer your own existing website or refer yourself for another service after having used an initial service.
  • The referral can NOT be a current client of IMAIJIN or
  • Referrals will NOT get the commission if the prospective client (Referred Party) does not sign up for one of our services. A successful referral is when you, the Referrer, refers a client to IMAIJIN or and the client (Referred Party) signs up for one of our services and makes a full payment.
Referral Program Payment
  • Earn up to 10% of the total project cost.
  • Payment is made upon project completion.
  • Payment can be provided or trade for our web services.
  • Referrals are only paid on the initial contract for initial service.
  • Monetary referral rewards for website design and website development work will be paid to the referrer 30 days after IMAIJIN has received final payment from the referred party.
  • Monetary referral rewards for client’s who opt for payment plan will be given only after a minimum of a 50% for flat-fee purchases has been reached by the client.