Vector Logo vs. Raster Logos | Logo Design

As graphic artist, when I’ve been hired to design a character logo for a customer, I always ask if they are aware of the difference between a vector logo vs raster logo. The top goal of any good designer should be to create a logo that can be used not just for today, but for any future product, merchandise, or purpose you might not be aware of yet. Part of that goal is the design, but the other portion is how the design is formatted.

So it is important that you know how to identify a vector logo vs. raster logos. You need to understand what benefits and challenges you might face and how you can prevent any problems which may arise in the future, because how your logo is created today will directly influence your ability to use it tomorrow. So when you do it once, you must make sure you get it done right the first time.

So how do we know what graphic format will be the best for your logo?

And how can we tell the difference between a vector logo vs a raster logo?

Graphic Artist vs Graphic Designer | How To Find The Difference

The role of a graphic artist vs graphic designer is normally mentioned in the same context as if they have the same meaning and disciplines – many of my first-time clients usually ask for a graphic designer, but after a consultation with them, I’ve often found they’re looking to find a graphic artist instead. Although the two creative types do share some similarities, they are very different in several ways, and each profession has its own distinct methods and purpose. So how to find the difference you ask? Let’s talk about it!