Interior Kitchen Concept Design Drawing #2 | Professional Rendering

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‘Interior Kitchen Concept Design Drawing #2’ 2nd Interior Concept Design and Professional Drawing I did for a client who commissioned a series of interior elevation renderings to help communicate the appearance of the visual space for their real estate development business. Did you see the drawing for kitchen interior concept art #1?  

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Have You Seen The Book Of Eli?

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Studying many film books as of late–one book in particular continually praised the skillful execution of the film, ‘THE BOOK OF ELI’ (Denzel Washington). At first I couldn’t grasp the reasons behind all the favorable appraisal and critical interest, because as I recalled from my viewing of it a few years back, my impressions of the movie were of disappointment and boredom. Mainly due to…

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Should Visual Artists Study Classic Films To Improve?

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Should artists and designers study films to add to their vault of visual concept and style? Absolutely! You may need to leave earth or even this dimension to find an artist who is not using film as reference or inspiration in their art-making.  There is just as much to be learned from a great film as there are from classical paintings, because the aims are…

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