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MAIJIN New Gen For The Future and Beyond

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The MAiJiN brand ecosystem has been completely overhauled across the online and offline spectrum. Numerous changes have befallen the current creative industry and emerging markets are starting to materialize for the future. For the past year, I’ve engaged in hot fixes and patches on my web platforms to account and adapt to the evolving landscapes, but some months ago, it was evident my entire brand architecture was reaching critical mass where it was beginning to erode effectiveness and pinch my performance, which ultimately would pulverize sustainable growth for the ecosystem I’ve built for over a decade and must continue to manage for the future. With that said, the website design has been redeveloped and rebuilt from scratch with a more salient conversion-oriented design, brand language and positioning, color palette, headshots, and the site performance has been significantly improved with less coagulated code. In addition, is expanding into offering cryptocurrencies, block-chain platforms, and NFTs. My team and I are developing a massive infrastructure and assets to house and distribute into the coming metaverse which I will announce by the end of this year.

Always strive to be better than the person you were yesterday, and always seek to make a platform that you can build your future upon. I am ready to continue the daily the mission and the long drive toward the vision of my future.

…check this space.