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MAIJIN New Gen For The Future and Beyond

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The MAiJiN brand ecosystem has been completely overhauled across the online and offline spectrum. Numerous changes have befallen the current creative industry and emerging markets are starting to materialize for the future. For the past year, I’ve engaged in hot fixes and patches on my web platforms to account and adapt to the evolving landscapes, but some months ago, it was evident my entire brand architecture was reaching critical mass where it was beginning to erode effectiveness and pinch my performance, which ultimately would pulverize sustainable growth for the ecosystem I’ve built for over a decade and must continue to manage for the future. With that said, the website design has been redeveloped and rebuilt from scratch with a more salient conversion-oriented design, brand language and positioning, color palette, headshots, and the site performance has been significantly improved with less coagulated code. In addition, is expanding into offering cryptocurrencies, block-chain platforms, and NFTs. My team and I are developing a massive infrastructure and assets to house and distribute into the coming metaverse which I will announce by the end of this year.

Always strive to be better than the person you were yesterday, and always seek to make a platform that you can build your future upon. I am ready to continue the daily the mission and the long drive toward the vision of my future.

…check this space.

places to find cartoon image resources for illustrator

Freelance Cartoonist For Hire Pt3: Places to find cartoon image resources

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Let’s say you want a cartoonist for hire to design characters or draw cartoon illustrations for a new venture or business, but you’re finding it difficult to shape out your ideas on paper because you’re not a professional sketch artist. Nor are you a writer who can put words together clearly enough to explain what you want for the artwork. So how would you communicate your imagination with the cartoon illustrator you need to hire? The answer is you will need to find cartoon image resources and references to help the artist better understand your ideas and what you want to achieve visually. As an example, if you want the illustrator to draw a cartoon character in a particular style, costume, or pose, it is always helpful to collect some references or cartoon image resources that will communicate what you see in your mind’s eye. In this chapter of the guide, I will show you where to look for cartoon image resources and references, how these materials will help you avoid mistakes with the creative professional you hire, and why they are your most valuable asset to getting the results you always hoped for…

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freelance cartoonist for hire find a cartoon illustrator to draw paint pictures

Freelance Cartoonist for Hire Pt2: Find a cartoon illustrator to draw & paint

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If you’re someone who needs to find a cartoon illustrator for hire to draw and paint pictures with style and realism to get your comic strip, children’s book, concept art, storyboard, or mobile game project started. I will help you to understand and effectively communicate your style ideas and realism goals once you hire a cartoon illustrator. The style will vary by artist, as each will have an individual interpretation and versatility with their structural technique. But realism is strictly based on the skill level of the artist, and it is a scientific approach to achieving what I will call (for the sake of this article) ‘cartoon realism.’ Cartoon Realism is a term that I use with my clients to help everyone determine the level of realism they’d like to see for their illustration project…

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Freelance Cartoonist for hire pt 1 - how to commission a cartoon artist online

Freelance Cartoonist For Hire: How to commission a cartoon artist online

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Finding a local or a freelance cartoonist for hire to draw a picture or design cartoon characters in an illustration style and look that you’ve always wanted might be a daunting process for someone who is new to commissioning illustrators or outsourcing graphic artists. Yes, there’s a lot you should prepare for before you commission a cartoon artist to start drawing or painting for your new children’s book, comic strip, t-shirt clothing line, animation, or mobile game app project. As a professional cartoonist, comic book artist, graphic illustrator, concept artist, and graphic artist, I’ve written a series of articles to help you in your preparation, because I trust you don’t want to employ just any ol’ illustration artist. You need a top professional freelance cartoonist for hire to give you the best results. So, let’s talk about the things you should know and consider before you commission a cartoon artist online…

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freelance illustrator vs concept artist hire for work

Freelance Illustrator vs Concept Artist. Who Should You Hire For Work?

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A Freelance Illustrator vs Concept Artist portfolio website might look the same and you might think you can draw distinct differences between the two professionals, yet i’ve found that most of my clients, couldn’t really offer up a clear distinction between a freelance illustrator vs concept artist. I assure you that the purpose and intent behind the creation of an illustration vs. concept art work is very different, and these differences should explored with me before you start commissioning an artist. So if you are an individual or company who is interested in hiring an illustrator or concept artist for your project, let’s discuss if it will be a freelance Illustrator vs concept artist who will be most appropriate for you to hire for work…

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 Illustration of an (augmented human) ex-military outlaw making his last stand after destroying some evil robots in a sea of fire. Before releasing new work I stare at it for DAYS after its done to try to find mistakes, sometimes i find structural/compositional issues i obviously cant change. But for this one, i thought the original version was TOO dark in some areas… i didnt use any references for this, it was all from my mind, so you have to strive for perfection with details. so without going george lucas (starwars) with the changes, i made some lighting adjustments to the rim, bounce, background and fill light and took some of the harshness off the occlusion shadows.

on to the next artwork…