Wunder Ark Brand Identity & Logo Design


Wunder Ark

Project Description:

The Wunder Ark team contacted me to develop a strategic brand identity and logo assets for their startup financial artificial intelligence software business. We went through my strategic brand consultation, and I assisted the Wunder Ark team to find their brand footing whilst designing a logo and brand to effectively symbolize their brand. I will explain the engineering behind the logo design created for the Wunder Ark brand. I designed a butterfly as a base shape to exhibit the transformative and ‘wonderous’ nature of the Wunder Ark brand, the butterfly shape is spreading its wings to create a ‘W’ shape, and the negative spaces of the logo create multiple triangular negative shapes to imply an ‘A’ shape. In addition, the wings were specifically designed to look have an anvil shape to give the impression that the wings are biblical ‘ARKS.’ I always use design/conceptual thinking to create a simplistic, resonant, and uniform logo design to signal everything about the business to the viewer. The Wunder Ark team gave me very positive feedback and were extremely ecstatic for the work we created together…. because our collaboration created a powerful result for their A.I. business.

Project Services & Skills:

Brand Identity, Logo Design, Marketing Collateral Design, Digital Strategy.

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