Project Description:

Prisoner 51 is an illustration depicting a short story I wrote about a military officer who is imprisoned for breaching an Area 51 high-security containment area. Unbeknownst to the military officer, or the arresting military police, the military officer was infected by tiny aliens who burrowed into his skin/flesh while he was in the restricted area. Shortly after being imprisoned, the military officer begins having violent convulsions and seizures, and begins screaming in tongues as if possessed… One of the military police guards hears him and goes to check on his status… and thats when the creepy alien creatures break out of the infected military officers body, grow in size within seconds, and some growing tentacles… DUH DUH DUUUUUUHHHNNNNNNNNNNN. So the Prisoner 51 illustration you see captures the moment right when the military police guard is overrun by the aliens who’ve broken out of the body of the ‘host body’ of the now dead military officer.

Project Services & Skills:

illustration, creatures, monsters, concept art, 2d, painting, digital art, drawing, nft

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