G.O.D. | Game of Death



Project Description:

Game Of Death. In a dystopian future where a.i. machines have become the ruling class and cyber enhanced criminals are used for sport to train the algorithms of a.i. sentinel hunters…. a rebel human woman must fight through the machine empire’s best sentinel-hunters on each floor of the G.O.D. mega-structure to win her freedom. but there’s a catch… the sinister machines have strapped a time-sensitive bomb around her body, fitted with laser locks, and her time is running out for her to survive this deadly Game of Death. all ideas, concepts, and story is © Copyright ™ Drew ‘Maijin’ Lewis. All Rights Reserved.

Project Services & Skills:

illustration, robots, concept art, comic book, cyberpunk, 2d, painting, digital art, drawing, nft, key art, game, gaming.

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