Air Hawk Brand Identity & Logo Design


Air Hawk

Project Description:

The Air Hawk team reached out to me to develop a strategic brand identity for their startup HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) business. After undergoing my specialized strategic brand consultation, I was able to help the Air Hawk team articulate their vision for the brand in way they couldn’t before… which in turn, allowed me to ascertain how to design their newly articulated vision. The resulting logo design was a symbolic representation for the value of the Air Hawk brand, where you can see the blending of their vision with great brand design. In the logo design, you will notice the iconography of “air waves flowing,” showing the end state result and value of an HVAC company while mixing in a stylized fast moving bird/hawk head. The air waves were also meant to double as stylized and symbolically implied feathers of a bird/hawk. The goal of the logo design is to infer that when the air flows steadily throughout a home or building after they’ve successfully completed the HVAC job… the legacy and energy imprint of the Air Hawk brand will flow with you.

Project Services & Skills:

Brand Identity, Logo Design, Marketing Collateral Design, Digital Strategy.

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