My Name is Drew Lewis, I am a graphic designer, illustrator, concept artist, and digital strategist for hire.

Thousands of clients have trusted me as their designer and strategist to produce art and design services online. In my website portfolio, you will find the best in graphic design, brand illustration, website design, digital marketing, characters, concept art, architectural rendering, storyboards, logos, and marketing.

Hire me as your creative partner to help you develop your ideas, brand, and business.

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Graphic Art

Need Graphic Designers? Illustrator wanted? Tips to hire freelance artists

Need Graphic Designers? Illustrator Wanted? Is a standard ad message from a company or entrepreneur advertising to attract local or freelance creative talent for work on their new project.

When searching for a talented artist or designer, what you’re really saying is you need graphic designers or illustrators who are professional.

To the uninitiated, it can be a tireless task to find the right freelancing professional who can satisfy your work requirements. When I started my art and design service business, I discovered many of my new clients previously had negative experiences working with bad artists or hiring cheap designers who were just totally unprofessional, and it was the client who took the biggest loss out of the deal. So if you need a graphic designer or want to hire an illustrator, consider these 4 tips to help you hire a freelance artist professional.

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Concept Art

Freelance Illustrator vs Concept Artist. Who Should You Hire For Work?

A Freelance Illustrator vs Concept Artist portfolio website might look the same and you might think you can draw distinct differences between the two professionals, yet i’ve found that most of my clients, couldn’t really offer up a clear distinction between a freelance illustrator vs concept artist. I assure you that the purpose and intent behind the creation of an illustration vs. concept art work is very different, and these differences should explored with me before you start commissioning an artist. So if you are an individual or company who is interested in hiring an illustrator or concept artist for your project, let’s discuss if it will be a freelance Illustrator vs concept artist who will be most appropriate for you to hire for work…

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Graphic Artist vs Graphic Designer | How To Find The Difference

The role of a graphic artist vs graphic designer is normally mentioned in the same context as if they have the same meaning and disciplines – many of my first-time clients usually ask for a graphic designer, but after a consultation with them, I’ve often found they’re looking to find a graphic artist instead. Although the two creative types do share some similarities, they are very different in several ways, and each profession has its own distinct methods and purpose. So how to find the difference you ask? Let’s talk about it!

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Graphic Art

Lunker Preview

Art preview of a character with the working title, ‘Lunker’. As of late focusing not only on ‘uppin’ the ante’ of the painting and drawing skills, but also selling the physical and emotional attributes of my characters hopefully so the audience can feel what im trying to convey.

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