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By January 7, 2015 February 4th, 2015 Graphic Art

Many of you guys were asking about the status of my online shop, so i wanted to offer a few words on whats happening because it might seem like im an lazy ass. haha. The image here is a backend preview of some of the art which will be available in print at the store-front once the shop is done.

Truth is–the goal was to always have the shop available before christmas because i received a great deal of messages from my followers interested in purchasing some merchandise of my art for the holidays. Unfortunately, my shop developer and I were dealing with alot of unforeseen setbacks behind the scenes, mainly from having to switch shipping/manufacturing companies due to the unnecessary blow-back, quality control, and personality clashes with my original manufacturing partner. I’m not going to shout out the company name, but just know i was seeing many elements in how they were handling certain logistical and social issues which would quickly become corrosive for my business.

Anyhow, new company, new year, new shop, and new art coming!

Back To The Grind!


…thanks for reading.


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