Man Of Steel Soundtrack Soars With Superhuman Sound.


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Man Of Steel Soundtrack Soars With Superhuman Sound.

Man Of Steel. If you haven’t guessed by my numerous posts on nearly every social media platform made available to me, I am a HUGE superman fan. I’ve been following the details of this reboot VERY closely since the talks first became public shortly after the conclusion of the Dark Knight Trilogy. From the beginning, I’ve witnessed Warner Bros make some of the best casting and production choices they’ve made in YEARS (aside from batsy). I was thrilled that Christoper Nolan came on board to produce the project and immobilized his old Dark Knight team to tackle the task, because Warner Bros would’ve been deranged to allow Nolan to ride off into the sunset after his groundbreaking stint of Batman. He’s shown that he has the best poker hand at the directors table when you think of how many filmmakers have failed to bring realistic stories to fantastical figures. I think we’d have to acknowledge that Christopher Nolan has the best instinct of tapping into contemporary pop culture more than any other singular director right now. Just look at Nolan’s decisions in the crew he assembled? He enlisted Zack Snyder (dawn of the dead, watchmen, 300, etc) who has proven that he is top tier visual storyteller. Along with a wish-list cast of highly respected actors, production and visual effects teams, it was easy to assume that this film was going to be a really solid effort. But it didn’t really hit me like ‘Okay This Is Going To Be EPIC!’ until it was announced that Hans Zimmer was cast as the film’s Composer. Hans Zimmer, Second to only John Williams, is one of the very best and most versatile film composers in the industry. I’ve always wondered how does he sonically travels from autumn meadows (gladiator) to colossal skyscrapers (dark knight) while still finding fresh sounds that move a narrative and characterize the emotions of the characters? He continues to mix these elements with his latest effort as the composer of the ‘Man OF Steel‘ soundtrack? My favorite track off the deluxe soundtrack, titled ‘Hans Original Sketchbook,’ is a 28 minute long tapestry of mundane and futuristic sounds which we can only assume was in fact his ‘sketchbook’ or a non-sequenced palette of music which was later divided/refined into single tracks. Whatever the hell it is…ITS BRILLIANT!

You can purchase the man of steel soundtrack on amazon music.


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