Freelance Cartoonist For Hire: How to commission a cartoon artist online


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Freelance Cartoonist for hire pt 1 - how to commission a cartoon artist online

Freelance Cartoonist For Hire: How to commission a cartoon artist online

Finding a freelance cartoonist for hire to draw a picture or hiring a local cartoon illustrator to design cartoons involving characters and environments in a professional cartooning style and look that you’ve always wanted, might be a daunting process for someone who is new to commissioning a illustrator for cartoons or caricature artists. Yes, there’s a lot you should prepare for before you commission caricaturists or cartoonists to start drawing and painting for your new children’s book, comic strip, caricatures, t-shirt design clothing line, animation, or mobile game app project. As a professional cartoonist, comic book artist, graphic illustrator, concept artist, and graphic artist, I’ve written a series of articles to help you in your preparation, because I trust you don’t want to employ just any ol’ illustrator. You need a top professional freelance cartoonist for hire to give you the best results. So, let’s talk about the things you should know and consider before you commission a cartoon artist online.

But before we do, if you wish to start your project for cartoon illustrations or character designs then choose me as your freelance cartoonist for hire here.

What does a freelance cartoonist for hire do?

A freelance cartoonist for hire is a multidisciplinary creative professional who works in nearly every creative illustration job available since the field is so broad in scope. Cartoonists specialize in illustrating stylized or exaggerated people, places, and objects frequently seen in the many areas of commercial or advertising art.
A freelance cartoonist for hire is often employed to produce illustrations to creatively communicate complex ideas, opinions, stories, or instructions in an intuitive and entertaining way. So, if you have a service, product, business, startup, or if you’re a budding entrepreneur who needs to find an effective way to communicate to an audience of customers or investors in a simple but effective fashion, then you would find great value in contacting a freelance cartoonist for hire now.

What services does a freelance cartoonist for hire and illustrator offer?

The types of services a freelance cartoonist for hire is needed for will depend on the project requirements from the client. Here is a selection of different jobs I’ve been hired for as a freelance cartoonist:

  • Children’s books

  • Character logos or mascots

  • Storyboarding art

  • Pitch deck and presentation storyboard illustrations

  • Character design & concept art for games, mobile apps, music videos, and animation

  • Comic strips or digital comics

  • Political caricatures / editorial cartooning

  • Caricatures

  • T-shirt graphics

  • Advertising illustration

Require any of these services for your next job assignment, fill out the contact form to order cartoon services here.

The process to commission a freelance cartoonist for hire and illustrator

If you want to commission a freelance cartoonist for hire, you will need to be prepared with a few things before we can have a valuable meeting about your job assignment. I understand that most first-time buyers may not know the types of information and materials a freelance cartoonist will request before the start of a project. So as a freelance cartoon artist, I will reveal the most important things that I’m looking for before I can accept a client’s project proposal.

Concept Brief

The first thing I am searching for when a prospective client requests cartoon illustration services from me is if they have a solid understanding of their vision of what they want to see in the finished artwork. If you’ve already fleshed out your ideas where you can describe the core concept or visual direction within your concept brief, then you ready to start your cartoon project. In some cases, if you have simply a basic vision, but you are clear on the direction, then I’d still encourage you to contact me and through my free consultation we can structure your cartoon art project in a creative and professional way that will help you flesh out your thoughts and ideas.

The concept brief is essential for a freelance cartoonist for hire, because it always give us insight into the complexity of the project which will be included into the quote proposal offered to the client should the cartoonist accept their project request. All too often, I receive emails from people who have no concept brief, no ideas, and no vision on what they want to achieve with the illustration. It is these types of jobs that I must decline unfortunately because in my past professional experiences, if the client is unclear on the subject matter and cannot visualize the goal, then it likely they will be unclear about everything else associated with the job. There is some common belief that a talented cartoonist or illustrator will magically create the perfect ideas and visual style for a client who does not know what they want, this is a falsehood. A client must understand that they have a role in the process of collaboration, they must provide guidance and steer the artist in the creative direction of their goals and expectations. It is the role of the artist to consult the client on all things concerning art and design principles in order to ultimately execute professional grade art work. A professional cartoonist will not accept a project that does not have a clear concept brief because if they are experienced creative professionals, then they will know it could result in a frustrated or unhappy client which will not be good for their business,  so it’s best to ask the customer to invest more time in prep before we will accept the assignment.

If you have your concept brief prepared then you can start your project by emailing me directly here.

Cartoon Realism and Cartoon Style

I will discuss this in detail in a separate article. The level of cartoon realism and the cartoon style will also factor into the price quote of a freelance cartoonist for hire. The more realism and more stylized the subject matter, the more research and energy the cartoonist must put into the illustration work to create great visual content.


Before contacting a freelance cartoonist for hire you must be prepared with a realistic deadline because we will always ask what your expectation for delivery of the final cartoon illustration work will be. The deadline will determine if we can accept the job or not, if the deadline is too tight for our schedule then we can’t take on the project. If it is a fair deadline, then the deadline will also be factored into the pricing for services rendered. The reason for this is the tighter the deadline, the more the freelance artist will have to shift their schedule, and in some cases, we will have to decline new projects to free up the time and resources to accommodate your delivery date.

Reference Materials

I will do a thorough of review references materials for a freelance cartoonist in another article. I always request that a new client takes a bit of time to collect different types of references to help me understand the visual direction they are interested in, which always gives me insight into their imagination and expectations for the project.

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