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What is a Freelance Graphic Designer Online Professional?

A freelance graphic designer online professional is a freelancing artist who is concerned with creating a visual dialogue with the viewer by use of abstract forms such as objects, shapes, font, and photos to aid in the design of functional layouts, interfaces, symbols, or icons backed by mathematical and geometric principles. Unlike a freelance graphic artist whose focus is on expressive and figurative forms of art, a freelance graphic designer online professional are more abstract and scientific. The focus for a graphic design freelancer should be on developing abstract symbols, icons, typeface, and marks which they will position on a page, interface, or surface in a way that evokes an emotional and psychological response by the viewer.

A successful freelance graphic designer online professional must have business savvy; most graphic design schools educate their students on business and marketing because of their awareness that most companies hire a graphic designer online to create the visual identity for their brand, design collateral materials, and create the branding strategy to help them market their business, products, or services. Graphic designers involve many marketing strategies in into their research process, such as market research, competitive analysis, mind-mapping, and target audience identification before starting the design process. Since a technical design ability is the core of any freelance graphic designer, the role can be applied to many different careers, technologies, and art forms. You will find the title of a graphic designer in clothing, real estate, animation, medical or healthcare, mobile apps, websites, industrial products, architecture landscapes, and print media.

Words to remember:
Form and Function
Collateral Materials