Find a top creative professional online: Guide to finding a Artist & Designer Professionals

If you’re searching to find a top creative professional service online you will need to get a guide for finding a local & freelance artist, illustrator, or getting a graphic designer for your illustration, graphic design, concept art requirements. This page will help you to discover a whole new world of information to help you make the best choice when hiring creative professionals service online for your next project. Finding the right candidate can be confusing to many of those who’ve never hired an artist for their services before, so given my professional background as a freelance art and design professional I felt it would be valuable for me to present you with this online definitive guide to find a top creative professional. From the time i started my creative services business, I’ve garnered an extensive amount of in-depth knowledge and cover everything you will need to know before you request a quote for art design services. I will only give insight into the types of services and positions I’ve professionally experienced all through my career in the art & design business. I am certain the content of these in-depth articles listed below, will not only explain what you’ll need to know before you commission a freelance artist, but it will also offer a better understanding of all the different hats I’ve worn throughout my tenure if you wish to outsource me as your professional illustrator and designer.

If you’re interested in anything from my list of creative design business services I have used to help other clients just like you, then get in touch with me now and hire me as your artist, illustrator, or designer for your project here: and you are more than welcome to check my reviews and testimonials, you will find I don’t have any complaints or negative feedback. 

Let’s begin! First it is important for entrepreneurs, managers, recruiters, directors, agencies, companies, and the broader public to understand, that at some point every single business will need to find an freelance artist or designer online to work with on a project – so might as well learn more about what it means to have a top creative professional service. So instead of giving you an avalanche of information akin to a long form essay, which would be hard for anyone to digest, I’ve sectioned out all the content into categories for easier navigation. I am excited about learning everything there is to know about my career, and hopefully, this will help you gain insight on what a freelancer who focuses on top creative professional service can do for you or your business.

1. Freelance Graphic Artist and Graphic Art Professional

What is a Professional Graphic Artist?

A graphic artist is a visual creator who uses line and color to craft drawings, paintings, and other images using traditional mediums or digital computer software. The graphic artist uses artistic expression and emotional recall to inform the composition, drive the subject matter of the artwork, and communicate messages to the viewer. Graphic Artists are interested in creating art of representational or of a recognizable type, which means their focus is on reality-based subjects, such as… Learn More About a Graphic Art Professional >

2. Freelance Graphic Designer and Graphic Design Professional

What is a Professional Graphic Designer?

A graphic designer is an artist who focuses on creating a visual dialogue with the viewer by use of abstract forms such as objects, shapes, font, and photos to aid in the design of functional layouts, interfaces, symbols, or icons using mathematical and geometric principles. Although graphic design does involve some level of emotional response, the focal point of design work is very different… Jump to more details about a Graphic Design Professional >

3. Freelance Illustrator and Illustration Professional

What is a Professional Illustrator?

An Illustrator is an artist who creates images using an explicit or implicit narrative as a form of visual communication through the use of drawing and painting principles. Illustration has a use in nearly every available industry for its ability to wrap complex ideas and messages into a clear concept with a concise storyline. An Illustrator’s work is present in many advertisements or marketing campaigns, film & game conceptual design, children’s books, posters, t-shirts, greeting cards, comic books or graphic novels, architectural rendering, storyboarding, pitch deck (or Powerpoint) presentations – just to name a few… Find out more about an Illustration Professional >

4. Freelance Concept Artist and Concept Art Professional

What is a Professional Concept Artist?

A concept designer or artist generates the visual design for a production in numerous industries such as film, tv, video games, animation, architecture | environmental, and much more. A Concept artist’s skills are a combination of illustrator and designer, in that, they must have the ability to use methods rooted in illustration, storytelling, industrial design, anatomy construction, to develop functional designs of characters, costumes, assets, environments that are relevant to the worlds in which they are set to occupy. In other words, a successful concept artist must be able to interpret ideas, convert them into practical forms that tell or suggest a story through its design, while remaining faithful to the look, feel, and thematic tone of the established universe… Read more about a Concept Art Professional >

5. Freelance NFT Artist and NFT Art Professional

What is a Professional NFT Artist and NFT Designer? And What is a blockchain non-fungible token?

An NFT (non-fungible token) Artist is an individual who uses their technical and creative skills to illustrate digital artwork, then transformed into a tokenized asset to show digital ownership, through a process called “minting,” and stored onto a blockchain platform like Ethereum. Using digital currencies like cryptocurrency, these tokenized or minted digital assets can be bought and sold on various NFT marketplaces, just like physical art and design work, and can grow or appreciate in value depending on the amount in circulation and the demand.… Read more about a NFT Art and Design Professional >

6. Freelance Architecture Drawing Artist and Architectural Rendering Designer Professional

What is a Freelance Professional Architecture Drawing Artist & Architectural Rendering Designer Professional?

An architectural rendering artist is a skilled professional who specializes in creating visual representations of architectural designs. These representations may include 2D and 3D renderings of buildings, interiors, exteriors, and landscapes, and can serve a variety of purposes, such as architectural visualization, concept design, pitch deck presentations, and social media marketing campaigns. The techniques used to create these renderings may include both traditional hand-drawing methods and digital techniques utilizing specialized software such as AutoCAD, SketchUp, and 3D Studio Max. The ultimate goal of architectural rendering is to create a highly realistic and accurate representation of the proposed design, which can be utilized to effectively showcase the design to clients, investors, and other stakeholders… Read more about a Freelance Architecture Drawing Artist & Architectural Rendering Designer Professional >

7. Freelance Children Book Illustrator Professional

What is a Freelance Children’s Book and Kid’s Book Illustration Professional?

A professional children’s book illustrator is an expert artist at developing visual illustrations for children’s literature and kid’s books. An illustrator’s job is to bring the author’s written story to life for children and kids in early or mid-stages of reading, through the use of drawings, paintings, and other forms of visual art for kid’s and pre-teens. The children’s book illustrator must work closely with the author and the publisher to ensure that the illustrations accurately reflect the style and theme’s of the story and are appropriate for the intended audience. Children’s book illustrator requires a combination of artistic skill, storytelling ability, and knowledge of the children’s book market and publishing. Illustrators must be able to visually convey emotions and create age-appropriate imagery that will appeal to young readers… Read more about a Freelance Children’s Book illustration Professional >

8. Freelance Storyboard Artist Online and Storyboarding Designer Professional

What is a Freelance Storyboard Artist and Designer Professional?

A freelance professional storyboard artist is a skilled creative professional who specializes in creating visual narratives for films, animation, or other forms of media. They use their expertise in storytelling, drawing, and design to bring ideas to life and convey the mood, tone, and emotion of a project. It’s important to assess the artist’s experience, style, and communication skills before hiring them, as well as reviewing their pricing packages and ensuring their professionalism and reliability. I have developed strong ways to help you find and hire a professional…Read more about a Freelance Storyboard Art and Design Professional >

9. Freelance Cartoonist online and Cartoon Artist Professional

What is a Freelance Cartoonist & Cartoon Art Professional?

A freelance cartoonist is an independent artists who creates original drawings and comics for clients on a per-project basis. They have the flexibility to work with various mediums such as traditional pen and ink or digital software and might focus on creating caricatures, character designs, editorial cartoons, comic strips, or other areas of expertise.

A cartoon art professional is a general term that refers to a variety of professionals who work in the cartoon art industry, such as cartoonists, character designers, animators, storyboard artists, and more. These professionals can work in a variety of industries such as advertising firms, animation studios, comic book publishers, or as freelance artists. Freelance Cartoonists produce original artwork for a range of media such as video games, TV shows, movies, advertising campaigns, and comic…Read more about a Freelance Cartoon Art and Cartoon Illustrator Professional >

10. Freelance Character Designer Professional

What is a Freelance Character Designer Professional?

A freelance character designer professional is a masterful artist who possesses a remarkable set of skills in creating original and captivating character designs for clients on a project-by-project basis. Through the mastery of the art of drawing and illustration, these individuals possess the rare ability to bring characters to life and breathe personality and individuality into them. These creative visionaries have an unyielding passion for their craft and employ their talents in a range of mediums, including video games, animation, advertising, and comic books. Their extraordinary abilities enable them to craft unique characters for a wide variety of clients, including animation studios, video game companies, publishers, advertising agencies, and individual clients. Freelance character designers display a unique combination of imagination, creativity, and technical expertise. They have an innate ability to bring their clients’ ideas to life by seamlessly integrating visual and textual elements to create memorable and engaging characters that leave an indelible mark on the viewer’s mind.  In the world of art, character design is a highly specialized and competitive field, and freelance character designers are among the elite of artists. Their works are truly transformative, seamlessly blending traditional and modern styles to produce exceptional pieces that captivate audiences around the world. In essence, a freelance character designer professional is an artist of extraordinary talent, creativity, and vision. Their works are a testament to the power of art to move, inspire, and capture the human imagination. Read more about a Freelance Character Design Professional >

11. Freelance Fashion Illustrator Professional

What is a Freelance Fashion Illustrator Professional?

A freelance fashion illustrator professional is a highly-skilled visual artist who specializes in the visualization and creation of functional clothing for the fashion industry. Fashion artists and designers must possess a refined sense of taste and aestheticism, as well as a deep understanding of the complex interplay of color, line, form, and design thinking that is essential to the creation of compelling fashion imagery.

Professional fashion illustrators work as freelancers or in collaboration with fashion designers, stylists, and other industry professionals to produce unique and visually stunning illustrations. Fashion illustrator professionals use their creativity, keen eye for detail, and design thinking to produce illustrations that communicate the vision and capture the brand essence of the fashion house. A fashion designer must also blend historical and modern socio-cultural trends and conceptualize future trends to stay competitive in the ever-evolving field of fashion design. And the work of the fashion professional can be found in various media outlets, such as fashion magazines, advertisements, editorials, retail displays, fashion-related platforms, or worn on a runway model during a fashion show.

Fashion illustrators and designers must be committed to excellence in their craftsmanship to remain relevant in the fast-paced, highly-competitive, and opulent world of fashion….Read more about a Freelance Fashion Illustration Professional >

12. Freelance Comic Book Artist Professional

What is a Freelance Comic Book Artist Professional?

A Freelance Comic Book Artist Professional is a multifaceted creative who excels in directing, illustrating, and design-thinking. Their mastery of technical craftsmanship, storytelling skills, and powerful illustrations enables them to visually communicate the characters, personalities, motivations, scenes, and stories. They are adept at capturing character narratives and producing engaging visuals for various forms of published media, including comic books and graphic novels. Freelance Comic Book Artists tend to have a process that is an intense and intricate partnership with the comic book writers, editors, and other creative professionals on the comic book team. Freelance Comic Book Artist Professionals have mastered a wide range of illustration techniques, enabling them to bring comic book concepts and stories to life and shape the dynamic visual landscape of this exciting industry. Witnessing the work of these talented professionals, whose creative genius and dedication to their craft inspires and enriches us all..Read more about a Freelance Comic Book Art Professional >


13. Freelance T-Shirt Designer Professional

Freelance T-Shirt Design Professional >


14. Freelance Logo Designer Professional

Freelance Logo Design Professional >


15. Freelance Album Cover Artist Professional

Freelance Album Cover Art Professional >

16. Freelance Apparel Designer Professional

Freelance Apparel Design Professional >



17. Freelance Product Designer Professional

Freelance Product Design Professional >


18. Freelance Presentation Designer Professional

Freelance Presentation Design professional >



19. Freelance Marketing Artist & Advertisement Illustrator Professional

Freelance Marketing Art and Advertising Illustration Professional >


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