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I'm going to answer the most frequent questions that prospective clients ask me.

Here is a list of my most frequently asked questions I’ve heard over the years from previous clients. I’ve been told by many of my newer customers, how helpful this index of FAQ’s was to them in offering the information they needed to make their decision to start a new project. I hope it helps you as well! If there is a question that I have not addressed in the set of queries below, please get in touch with me and let’s talk.

Q: What art & design services do you provide?

A: I don’t have set rates because every design brief is different and every client has unique goals. I will always listen to the requirements of potential clients during our initial consultation. The best way to get a quote or more information is to send me a message through my contact form and outline your requirements and we will schedule a time to talk in more detail.

It’s also important to remember that you are not simply hiring me for us to ‘design a graphic’, but rather to build a partnership. Through this partnership, I will help identify your needs, offer creative solutions, and help you create results which can ultimately help enrich your products and business.

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Q: What are your past clients saying about you?

A: See for yourself in my testimonials section. I hope you will also commission me for your next project and join my growing list of success stories!

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Q: What are your rates for your graphic art, illustration, and concept design work?

A: Graphics Artist Rates and illustration rates in any creative profession are highly dependent on the description of the project, the size, the client, the turnaround time, and the usage (where and how widely the image or images will be used and seen). The same applies to my concept art rates, however, there are usually more ‘evolution passes’ and revisions needed for these types of projects which will increase the artist charge. I don’t say this to be vague or secretive, but because no two projects are the same – get in touch with me through my contact form and leave a detailed description of what you require and I’ll offer you a quote.

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Q: Do you do free artwork for promise of exposure, partnership, equity, stock/shares, trades, percentage of sales, or deferred payment?

A: No. Absolutely not under no circumstances. So please don’t ask, it will be a waste of your time and mine. I get these questions at least 5 – 10 times a day and I tell everyone the same thing – I only take payment upfront if you wish to work with me. If you’re serious about obtaining quality work/ideas from a creative professional who will bring extra value to your project, then you will need to do your due diligence to raise the capital to hire someone to create that visual value for your project.

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Q: Will you be doing all of the work personally?

A: Yes absolutely! so you will have access to the quality of work you’ve seen in my portfolio. When you hire me, you will work directly with me, i will not assign any employees or sub-contractors since art creation is a specialized service.

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Q: How do you accept payment?

A: For most projects, I request a 50% down payment to schedule in work. I accept payments via check, bank transfer, or PayPal. The exact details and terms will be provided in my proposal. The final 50% will be paid on completion of the project, prior to releasing the final artwork.

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Q: What are your turnaround times for your art & design work?

A: I work quickly, but timing varies based on the project. While most projects fall in the 1-3 weeks range, I’ve done 24 hour artist turnarounds, or for more lengthy design projects I’ve spent 2 to 3 months with clients whom were looking for me to create hundreds of variations and revisions to perfect it to their heart’s content. My design turnaround is, more than anything, adaptive to the people I work with and their needs.

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Q: Where can I review a list of the design and art services you provide?

A: The complete list of what I can offer you in terms of Art & Design can be found in Art Services. I’ve worked with clients in music, movies, animations, games, real estate development, and publishing to develop ideas through various mediums – be it illustration, concept art, storyboards, 2d drawing or painting, interior elevation drawings, architectural renderings, and graphic design. My main concern is always to offer creative solutions on how to best get to the client’s end-goals and vision in the freshest way possible for their product, IP, or brand.

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Q: I represent a company, agency, brand, or public figure, are you available for hire?

A: Yes it’s possible. Email me using the contact form and let’s discuss!

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Q: Are you available for retainer?


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Q: Are you available for design, marketing, business, and design consulting?


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Q: I have a personal project, I’m not a company or agency, can I hire you?

A: While privately commissioned artwork is less common due to a single person’s budget versus an established company who seek to hire an artist – it does happen – message me using the art project request form and we can try to work something out.

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Q: What industries have you worked in?

A: I’ve done business in most industries available. I’ve found that my process of research, method of development, and creative ability has applied to most, if not, all sectors of business. But yes, every customer is different, the focus areas of my research and development is always a variable because each project tailors to the unique requirements of the client and their respective industry, but the framework of R&D always stays the same – solve problems and get results. With all that said, if there is a particular industry you would like to ask me about, get in touch through my contact form. www.maijintheartist.com/hire

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Q: So what’s your step by step design process? A: I do research and client consulting, loosely sketch several ideas to get a general concept and composition, make a refined line sketch of the best idea, paint in areas of light and shadow to define the forms, add color, add detail – and refine and revise every step of the way as needed. To see a time-lapse process, you can watch this painting video of the inside process of how I created the ROBOCOP painting from a simple pencil drawing to a finished art in this video demo. This video is being shown at 20x normal speed for your convenience to quickly observe the visual transformation all my work undergoes from a simple pencil line drawing to a photorealism painting!

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Q: How did you get your start?

A: After attending Otis College of Art and Design for one year, it became clear my financial aid and personal resources wouldn’t be enough to afford continuing my education for another year. So i left school to work in business development in various industries and eventually became a real estate broker. Though i held a ‘day-job’, i decided to build upon on the foundational instruction ive received from previous institutions and spent the next few years ‘burning the midnight oil’ to teach myself art…and voilà! Read more my Artist Story Back to Top ^


Q: Where can I buy an art print from you?

A: We are in process of completing my online art store where you can buy art prints of my artwork and we will be able to ship anywhere in the world. Back to Top ^

Q: I don’t see a certain print for sale, where can I get it?

A; If you see a print that is not for sale, then drop me an email using the contact form and request the artwork that you’d like to see available in the store. Now if it’s not up on my stores, there is a good chance that its not for sale or were limited editions. But don’t be scared, drop me an email anyway and let me know. Back to Top ^

How can we get started?

I only accept projects a few projects in cycles to ensure all of my clients get the attention their project deserves.
Please send me an email to get started.