DV1 Concept Art Sketches & Color Comps


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DV1 Concept Art Sketches & Color Comps

‘DV1 Concept Art Sketch + Color Comps’
These are iterations of a character i designed (anime-ish style) for a client commission which ended up not making the final cut of the cast of main characters for their animation project i was hired to work on. As you can see for each design i sent different color arrangements to offer different moods for the character.

They ended up choosing another version of the character i created which i will post next. You can also view the protagonist conceptual sketch character that was approved in my concept art portfolio.

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See the individual sketch + color comps below

DV1: Abductor Color Comp

DV1: Soul Reaper Color Comp

DV1: Concept Design Sketch

Art Gallery for more work in my portfolio.

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