Billing Agreement

You, as the User of this Website and the Undersigned of the Contract Application Form, hereby agree, indemnify, and will uphold indefinitely that the sole obligation of “The Artist” upon submission of the Contract Application Form and the Contract Setup Fee of $75.00USD is for “The Artist” to send a Contract Agreement using the contact information provided by the User and Undersigned in their submitted Contract Application Form. It is understood and agreed by the Undersigned, User, and “The Artist” that no other product(s), service(s), and/or materials will be expected or owed to the User and Undersigned after the Contract Agreement is sent, and the only product(s) or service(s) owed for the $75.00 payment is a Contract Agreement sent to You, as the User and the Undersigned. The Undersigned and User understands, agrees, and shall indemnify that “The Artist” has full 100% authorization to charge and deduct the $75.00USD Contract Application Setup Fee using the cardholder information submitted in, with, and/or after the Contract Application Form. 

You, as the User of this Website and the Undersigned of the Contract Application Form, hereby agree, indemnify, and will uphold indefinitely that the the Contract Setup Fee of $75.00USD, including any fees associated with it, is 100% Non-refundable and cannot be refunded nor reimbursed under any circumstances, once the User and Undersigned in their submit the Contract Application Form.

Contract Setup Fee Definition

A Contract setup fee is now required. This will NOT an extra fee toward your agreed upon project cost, it is a small fee that will be deducted from your overall project cost. So when you receive your final agreement, you will see a $75.00 reduction in your overall project cost.

Ex: Let’s say we agreed your overall project cost is $10,000USD? The contract setup fee will go toward our agreed upon project cost, so when you receive your final contract agreement, your agreement will show a deduction and will read $10,000USD – $75.00 = $9,925.00 This is a fair arrangement to those who are 100% committed to their decision to move forward with working with me.
Here are the reasons a Contract Setup Fee is required:

(1) Too much of The Artist’s time has been wasted on those claim a commitment to starting their project, only to prove otherwise, after The Artist has spent many hours or days setting up their project & paperwork. All of this wasted time takes precious time away from current clients and other prospects who are committed to working with The Artist.

(2) The user is 100% serious and ready to complete a project with The Artist, considering a lot of time and work is spent on all paperwork, consultation, and correspondence to get you setup accordingly. Therefore, paying down a extremely small amount of overall project cost will ensure The Artist will truly spends time on those who are truly committed to working together.

Onboarding Data Agreement

The user understands 100% that document analytics will be used to inform ‘The Artist’ when the document is opened, pages viewed, time spent on each page, when it is signed, if it is downloaded etc. So If the contract agreement has not been viewed or opened within 72 hours? Then the contract offer can be canceled.
The user understands 100% that the quote and offer will expire within 72 hours from the submission of the new client form.
The user has 100% support from decisionmakers, partners, co-investors, cosigners to setup and start this project.
The user has budgeted all of funds/money and is 100% certain to start this project at the time of agreeing to these terms.
The user will review and complete the contract and payment within 72 hours.
The user will make the first payment within 72 hours after the contract has been signed and delivered back to ‘The Artist’.
The user is 100% ready to start and complete the project with “The Artist.”


Updated December 27th, 2022