Beta Stage - Invitation Only

Character Designer is a 100% free reference tool maker used by creatives to help in the difficult task of creating unique and detailed character designs.

TWO Reasons To Use Character Designer.

1. You’re an author or writer who is searching for an interesting dynamic of personality and features for the characters you are creating for your script or book.

2. You are a startup business with little to no idea of where to start to create a character logo to represent your brand, and you have no clue where to begin.

If this is you? Or if you were a referral from a friend or another website. I encourage you to give this design tool a test run, as it will certainly get your creative juices flowing! Get in touch with me after you generate your character sheet using the contact form, submit your character sheet, so we can discuss how I can help you design it once you hire me. Then I will also offer more design options, and finalize it so you can start using it!


Note: All users and beta testers, please Sign in using your beta account to use the program. any questions, contact me.