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BUTTON | Animation Concept Art

Another early concept cartoon design rendering i completed a while back for a client who commissioned me for an animation project that is now in development.

The left iteration is the girl in her “street style” clothes and iteration on the right is the character in her ‘meta-human’ gear with her superpower glow in effect. I’m sure you noticed that mr teddybear got sick and tired of being in her backpack all day and somehow transformed into a superpowered¬† break-dancing robo-teddybear. LOL. thought it was a good idea. LOL

Ok. As you’ve read previously, im playing with a more animated style instead of my normal hyper-realism style. So only using flat/base color, core shadow, cast shadow, and highlights…was going for a simple cel-animation style. If you missed the other character i designed for the same project, see B.O.I. character animation painting

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