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Darrell: The Hustla | Concept Art

Concept Art

CAI: The Pop-Girl | Concept Art

Concept Art

DUSK | The Demon King

Concept Art | Illustration

A Clockwork Orange | Alex

Illustration | Portrait

BUTTON | Animation Concept Art

Illustration | Concept Art


Illustration | Concept Art

DV1 Concept Art Sketches & Color Comps

Concept Art

Hire Album Cover Illustrator, Mixtape Graphic Designer, Custom Artwork

Hire-Album-Cover-Illustrator-Mixtape-Graphic Designer-Custom-Artwork

Where is the best place for hire of a professional album cover illustrator or mixtape graphic designer for the freelance cover design, artist branding, and custom artwork you’ll need to use for streaming music services, digital download stores, and other online websites to showcase your music? It’s a major challenge to find popular places for hiring professional album cover designers for painting your brand new record covers, character logos, vector illustrations, or design graphics to customize your album’s cover packaging jacket, booklet prints, and single posters for your next mix tape, right?

Let’s say you’re a musician or band looking for an album cover artwork on an endless list of websites, as you’ve been needing to get a top graphics artist or cartoonist to draw that unforgettable art that will encapsulate the music and song collection you’ve been working so hard on. But, before you can share that first single with the world, you need to search for the right designer to bring the needed illustration designs, logo design, portrait paintings, or sketch drawing work for your masterpiece?

Let’s say you’re a musician or band looking for an album cover artwork on an endless list of websites, as you’ve been needing to get a top graphics artist or cartoonist to draw that unforgettable art that will encapsulate the music and song collection you’ve been working so hard on. But, before you can share that first single with the world, you need to search for the right designer to bring the needed illustration designs, logo design, portrait paintings, or sketch drawing work for your masterpiece?

Well, you’re in the right spot!

You can contact me to become your freelance album cover illustrator to collaborate on your amazing single cover artwork or booklet layout, as i specialize in all styles from dark grungy, spiritual psychedelic, realistic, cartoon, comic book style, animation, and Japanese anime – all to put together the fine art that will give your songs their proper visual presentation! Just check out my album cover illustrator portfolio on the website and contact me for a free consultation to discuss your vision and goals, and we’ll structure a deal to make your album cover design prices affordable and get you started on your customized album cover illustrations, promotional posters, advertising flyers, branding marketing materials, 3D mock ups, or CD mixtape packaging art!

I’ve brought success to my clients by designing beautiful visuals and building clever strategies for their brand across many industries – while I don’t quote the cheapest rates, my customers were always happy to work with me on all their design deals, as they were treated as a serious investment which focused on creating the type of results that would maximize the ROI. So, If you’re hiring a pro album cover illustrator for your custom artwork and mixtape jacket, (or even vinyl pressing) make certain you invest in the right decision… because there are so many bad options out there, you can end up like so many others who make the wrong decision.
Too Many Bad Options for an Album Cover Illustrator & Mixtape Designers

So, if you’re a musician, rapper, r&b singer, pop entertainer, jazz band, public speaker, rock/heavy-metal bands, K-Pop, hip hop producer, movie trailer music composer, or EDM DJ needing to hire a talented and professional album cover illustrator to paint famous portraits and illustrations to set your brand apart from your competition. Even if you want to produce image banners or featured advertisements that will help you stand out in digital marketplaces or even in a crowd at your next live concert.

I can help you create the best cover art for your itunes store, social media profile, twitch tv, vevo, datpiff, soundcloud, apple music, blubrry podcast channel, website landing page, amazon music, reverbnation, bandcamp stores, YouTube, Pandora playlist, and …

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Freelance Cartoonist For Hire Pt3: Places to find cartoon image resources

places to find cartoon image resources for illustrator

Let’s say you want a cartoonist for hire to design characters or draw cartoon illustrations for a new venture or business, but you’re finding it difficult to shape out your ideas on paper because you’re not a professional sketch artist. Nor are you a writer who can put words together clearly enough to explain what you want for the artwork. So how would you communicate your imagination with the cartoon illustrator you need to hire? The answer is you will need to find cartoon image resources and references to help the artist better understand your ideas and what you want to achieve visually. As an example, if you want the illustrator to draw a cartoon character in a particular style, costume, or pose, it is always helpful to collect some references or cartoon image resources that will communicate what you see in your mind’s eye. In this chapter of the guide, I will show you where to look for cartoon image resources and references, how these materials will help you avoid mistakes with the creative professional you hire, and why they are your most valuable asset to getting the results you always hoped for…

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Freelance Cartoonist for Hire Pt2: Find a cartoon illustrator to draw & paint

freelance cartoonist for hire find a cartoon illustrator to draw paint pictures

If you’re someone who needs to find a cartoon illustrator for hire to draw and paint pictures with style and realism to get your comic strip, children’s book, concept art, storyboard, or mobile game project started. I will help you to understand and effectively communicate your style ideas and realism goals once you hire a cartoon illustrator. The style will vary by artist, as each will have an individual interpretation and versatility with their structural technique. But realism is strictly based on the skill level of the artist, and it is a scientific approach to achieving what I will call (for the sake of this article) ‘cartoon realism.’ Cartoon Realism is a term that I use with my clients to help everyone determine the level of realism they’d like to see for their illustration project…

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Freelance Cartoonist For Hire: How to commission a cartoon artist online

Freelance Cartoonist for hire pt 1 - how to commission a cartoon artist online

Finding a local or a freelance cartoonist for hire to draw a picture or design cartoon characters in an illustration style and look that you’ve always wanted might be a daunting process for someone who is new to commissioning illustrators or outsourcing graphic artists. Yes, there’s a lot you should prepare for before you commission a cartoon artist to start drawing or painting for your new children’s book, comic strip, t-shirt clothing line, animation, or mobile game app project. As a professional cartoonist, comic book artist, graphic illustrator, concept artist, and graphic artist, I’ve written a series of articles to help you in your preparation, because I trust you don’t want to employ just any ol’ illustration artist. You need a top professional freelance cartoonist for hire to give you the best results. So, let’s talk about the things you should know and consider before you commission a cartoon artist online…

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Why you should not hire illustrators & designers on freelance job websites

why you should not hire illustrators and designers on freelance job websites

So you want to hire illustrators or designers from one of the freelance job websites or marketplaces out there claiming to help you outsource the best creative professional for your project. Unfortunately, there are a lot of problems with these websites that I’ve personally experienced as a person who signed up with them as a freelancer and as an employer who’s hired freelancers to work for me. However, I cancelled every one of my accounts with all of the websites, and I will share with you why below. I will also share some complaints newer clients told me after they had bad experiences using freelance job websites, which led them to hire me as their graphic artist and illustrator. To be clear, this article is not being aimed at every single website that may be remotely associated with freelancing services and jobs, I am specifically referring to those that offer $5 logos (yuck!), bidding systems, and ineffective algorithms which often damages the quality and value of the work being produced. While there are some good things about some outsourcing websites, there is an overwhelming number of problems that we should go over…

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Need Graphic Designers? Illustrator wanted? Tips to hire freelance artists

need graphic designers illustrator wanted tips freelance artist hire

Need Graphic Designers? Illustrator Wanted? Is a standard ad message from a company or entrepreneur advertising to attract local or freelance creative talent for work on their new project.

When searching for a talented artist or designer, what you’re really saying is you need graphic designers or illustrators who are professional.

To the uninitiated, it can be a tireless task to find the right freelancing professional who can satisfy your work requirements. When I started my art and design service business, I discovered many of my new clients previously had negative experiences working with bad artists or hiring cheap designers who were just totally unprofessional, and it was the client who took the biggest loss out of the deal. So if you need a graphic designer or want to hire an illustrator, consider these 4 tips to help you hire a freelance artist professional.

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Freelance Illustrator vs Concept Artist. Who Should You Hire For Work?

freelance illustrator vs concept artist hire for work

A Freelance Illustrator vs Concept Artist portfolio website might look the same and you might think you can draw distinct differences between the two professionals, yet i’ve found that most of my clients, couldn’t really offer up a clear distinction between a freelance illustrator vs concept artist. I assure you that the purpose and intent behind the creation of an illustration vs. concept art work is very different, and these differences should explored with me before you start commissioning an artist. So if you are an individual or company who is interested in hiring an illustrator or concept artist for your project, let’s discuss if it will be a freelance Illustrator vs concept artist who will be most appropriate for you to hire for work…

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