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Clients I’ve Helped





Art Work Samples

3 Things about me before using the contact form below

(1) What do I do?

My Name is Drew Lewis. I am an award-winning Illustrator, Art Director, Graphic Designer, Brand Designer/Strategist, and Graphic Artist. See Art Portfolio Here.

My artwork and I have been featured in many magazines, podcasts (listen to feature interview here), blogs, events, and conventions such as OMED hosted by American Osteopathic Association where the keynote speaker was Dr. Deepak Chopra on the future of medicine, and 2 of executives of the AOA organization and curators of the seminar left me a testimonial for all of the design work i produced for the event.

I’m an approved vendor and ongoing architecture illustrator for the Trump Organization / Trump Hotels where I create showroom architectural renderings and sketches. My architectural design work was used to help brand their new string of hotels, two of which are called Scion Hotels and American Ideas Hotels where you can see all the architectural rendering work Ive done for the project. If youre curious, read the new york times article here. The executive vice president of Trump Hotels was kind enough to leave me a testimonial which you can read below. (case study coming soon)

I’ve helped clients design and self-publish book covers and children’s books where I am credited as the illustrator on the projects, which can be see on my amazon illustrator page here. I have also worked on movies with up to 20 million dollar budgets in pre-production or post production, some of which i am credited for on my IMDB concept artist page here. I’ve also worked with Jenny Mccarthy on the product design and advertisement work for her line of alcohol cocktail beverages, Blondies.

I’ve worked with CBS, Corona Extra, Modelo Especial, Chevrolet, and much more, I just wanted to share a few of many examples on how ive been fortunate enough to help so many clients design their brand and create their products!

(2) How Can I Help You?

You have a goal, I am in the design business to create the kind of value and results to help you achieve that goal, and make remarkable artwork for you in the process. I’ve helped many companies, brands, and people just like you transform their brand, grow their audience/customers, gain funding from investors, and develop their ideas into attractive products, presentations, and properties. You will find our collaboration to be quite rewarding, and you too will know right away that YES you’ve made the right decision.
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(3) What Have My Clients Said About Working With Me?

See for yourself in the testimonials section where past clients who underwent the same process as you will, decided to share their experiences with you, because they were happy with the value and results I delivered for them. I’m honored to have a growing community of happy customers and collaborators who can attest to my creative program. I hope you will join them in the future and become a part of the growing list of success stories.

A Few Testimonials

– Matthew Kremke, MBA, Vice President of Business Development | American Osteopathic Association (Chicago, IL)

“Drew was hired to create illustrations for upcoming changes in the healthcare field. He really listened effectively to what we were seeking, brought forward beautiful design ideas…”
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– Kathleen Flores, MBA, Executive Vice President of New Brands and Innovation | TRUMP HOTELS (New York, NY)

“We loved working with Drew! He is an outstanding illustrator, a reliable collaborator, and overall a delightful person to work with from start to finish. We approached Drew to assist us in preparing for an event to showcase our plans for future brands and ventures, and his…”
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– Taylor Keefe, Vice President of Revenue & Business Development | TrendHunter (Toronto, Canada)

“We discovered Drew’s art portfolio after searching for talent online, and following our first contact with him, it was clear he was the artist we wanted to partner with to help us bring more creative life to our national campaign involving Cerveza Modelo. We liked working with Drew. He offered excellent communication during our meetings…”
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Getting Started

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